Arrangement of data channels

1. Transparent Dedicated Channels

Transparent dedicated channels represent high capacity data transfer medium using any protocols that make it possible to combine networks of any remote facilities.

All sorts of traffic may be transferred: data, voice, video information.

KazTransCom offers services on arrangement of transparent channels all around the world.

2. Virtual Private Networks IP VPN

Virtual private networks IP VPN (Layer 2, Layer 3) is a service on arrangement of protected networks, which will allow to join networks of different facilities or networks of partner companies within a city, in settlements within a region, on the whole territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

IP/MPLS technology-based protected network arrangement service provides a protected backbone to establish interaction between client’s facilities subject to contract requirements and rules.

Features of MPLS technology make IP VPN network flexible and multifunctional. Any topology from “star” to “ad hoc” may be realized within virtual private network without any significant costs (in comparison with rent and channel laying). Any systems supporting IP protocol function in the network, i.e. the majority of existing lines. In this case, quality of service is ensured in IP VPN as regards from public networks.

3. Satellite Data Transfer Channels

KazTransCom JSC provides satellite channels with the required Star or Mesh topologies and capacity in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Network technologies based on iDirect, Sky Edge II etc. meet every demand of customers.

Basic features and advantages of KazTransCom JSC’s service are as follows:

• Many-years experience of KazTransCom JSC in providing services to service providers;

• Developed telecommunication infrastructure and branch network in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

• Skilled servicing including technical and information support;

• Possible sale of leasing of satellite equipment;

• Up-to-date equipment of the leading manufacturers provides for stability, reliability and high quality of communication;

• Economic attractiveness; 

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