Connection to PSTN on E1

KazTransCom may provide Connection of networks of service providers on Е1 in Astana, Almaty, Atyrau, Kulsary, Vakhtovyi, Karabatan, Tengiz (Atyrau region); Aktay, Zhana-Ozen, Bautino, Kalamkas, Karazhanbas, Beineu, Fort-Shevchenko (Mangistau region), Aktobe, Uralsk, Aksay (West-Kazakhstan region), Pavlodar, Karaganda and Shymkent.

Basic features and advantages of the KazTransCom JSC service are as follows:

  • Many-years experience of KazTransCom JSC in providing services to service providers;
  • Developed telecommunication infrastructure and branch network in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Traffic transfer from/to networks of all providers tied-in to KazTransCom JSC’s network at one point;
  • Reservation of directions through 2-4 alternative routes and a guaranteed quality of provided services on transfer of intercity and international traffic;

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