For foreign providers

KazTransCom JSC actively cooperates and realizes joint projects with foreign partners.

The company cooperates with foreign service providers on mutual exchange, transit and termination of voice traffic. The basic advantage is the use of ground communication channels and conventional TDM telephony that provides for a guaranteed quality.

KazTransCom JSC is present in London and Frankfurt and realizes a network interconnection with providers at the following addresses:

  1. London (Great Britain) – Telehouse North/East, Coriander Avenue, London E14 2AA, UK;
  2. Frankfurt am Maine (Germany) – Telehaus, Kleyerstrasse 88-90- Rebstoecker str.25-31, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Moreover, KazTransCom JSC has direct transboundary fiber-optic joints with provides from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China.


Ardak Aldabergenova
Senior Manager of Carrier Relations Division
phone: +7 727 2377-446
fax: +7 727 2377-468

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