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KazTransCom JSC is a trunk service provider that provides a wide range of telecommunication services. One of the primary company businesses is provision of services to service providers.

Company’s fiber-optic network has interfaced with the leading Russian, Uzbekistan and Chinese providers that makes it possible to provide a channel capacity to any place of the globe.

Interfaces with the leading foreign providers (national and transit service providers) and providers operating in the Republic of Kazakhstan makes it possible to ensure a guaranteed quality of intercity and international voice traffic services.

Cooperation with KazTransCom JSC provides an opportunity for a complex servicing, namely:

  • installation of equipment on Stations of KazTransCom JSC;
  • joining and transmission of local, intercity and international voice traffic;
  • joining and transmission of Internet traffic;
  • rent of data transmission channels between any places of the globe;
  • arrangement and provision of last miles using the network of KazTransCom JSC and its partners;
  • maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure and equipment.

Our clients and partners are the tier-one providers, local, foreign and mobile service providers.

Provider Department will endeavor to ensure that cooperation with KazTransCom JSC is comfortable and mutually beneficial.


Sayagul BeisekenovaSayagul Beisekenova
Head of Carrier Relations and Distribution Department
phone.: +7 727 2377-351
mob.: +7 (777) 303-2006
fax: +7 727 2377-468

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