P-ONE is a new unique service provided by KazTransCom, which will allow you to make an effect of virtual presence in any city from any spot of the globe via a direct telephone number using a small box solution (IP-gateway) and Internet access.


P-ONE Advantages

  • Effect of virtual presence in any city.
  • Saving of costs for intercity and international conversations (calls are charged as city calls wherever you are).
  • Free incoming calls.
  • No need in call forwarding and roaming.
  • “Direct telephone number” has neither city code nor country code.
  • Client may select number of P-ONE service.
  • Fast and convenient receipt of six- or seven-digit city number with additional advantages of “direct city number”.
  • One number not tied to any geographical location.

Who can get the benefits of P-ONE?

  • Legal entities

- sole proprietors,

- company managers,

- “mobile employees” frequently dispatched in business trips

  • Individuals

- studied abroad,

- frequently leaving their countries,

- staying on business trip for a long period of time,

- temporarily living or working in a different city

Incoming calls for clients using the P-ONE service are toll-free; as to outcoming calls they are also toll-free because they are “local” for the city where the number has been registered. The only fee you have to pay is a subscription fee.

Service Technical Solution:

Client is given a six- or seven-digit STOP number registered in automatic trunk exchange (UPTS) of Almaty, Aktau, Astana, Atyrau, Aktobe, Karaganda, Pavlodar, Uralsk, Shymkent.

As to subscribers calling from STOP number from a city where the client’s number has been registered, “direct telephone number” has neither city code nor country code, outcoming call will be toll-free. At this, number owner may be in any spot of the world with Internet access, make “local” calls (call to SOP subscribers of the city where his/her P-ONE is registered) and answer calls.

Client’s end device may be a voice IP-gateway (used together with an analogue telephone set), IP-telephone or program telephone softphone installed on a personal computer (laptop), mobile telephone, smartphone or communicator.


Payment conditions, estimation of amounts for connection and monthly fees shall be subject to a standard contract with KazTransCom JSC.

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