Transparent dedicated channels

Transparent dedicated channels represent communication medium using any protocols and allow to combine networks of remote client offices with high capacity.

Arrangement of transparent dedicated channels can be done according to standard Е1 (interface G.703), Ethernet or STM (in case of channel’s high capacity).

It is possible to transmit any traffic: data, voice, video information.

KazTransCom offers services on arrangement of transparent channels of two categories:

  • Rental of channels within one inhabited settlement
  • Rental of channels connecting both different inhabited settlements of the Republic of Kazakhstan and those located outside of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Service Provision Technical Solution

One or more technologies of the “last mile” and all the foregoing ones may be used within the frames of this service. In this case, the client’s equipment includes LAN routers in the head office and branches (possible interfaces for connection of baseband equipment: RS-232, RS-530, V.35, Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s, etc.) and office telephone exchanges with digital ports of city lines (interface G.703).

Depending on the service provision conditions such as client’s head office and branch location, remoteness of client’s offices from centers of KazTransCom JSC, possibility of interconnecting line laying between client’s offices and provider’s centers, and terms for arrangement of interconnecting lines, this service may be provided to client using the following technologies:

  • SHDSL technology
  • Fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL)
  • Radio relay lines
  • Satellite systems (dedicated channels may be arranged on the basis of SCPC Paradise modems and FaraWay equipment)

Competitive Advantages

  • High-quality servicing including maintenance and information support
  • Possible sale or rent of client’s equipment
  • Backup of data transmission backbone channels
  • Up-to-date equipment of the leading manufacturers provides for stability, reliability and high quality of communication based on a network of high-speed ground and satellite data transmission channels.

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