ON-OFFICE is a full range of solutions for a remote and joint dealing with corporate information through Internet or mobile network nearest to the service provider’s client using a laptop, smartphone, pocket PC, any mobile devices or communicators. All solutions are available through a single interface. All features are integrated into a single application.

Remote mobile access to business application of company:

  • Document storage portals (data bases);
  • Electronic document circulation, project management;
  • Business class e-mail;
  • Supply chain and logistics management systems;
  • Client relations management on the basis of CRM;
  • Accounting and management;
  • Corporate forums, blogs;
  • Data transfer, voice and video calls, web conferences.

ON-OFFICE is a set of additional tools for internal communications and joint work. A successful business depends on the use of efficient communications and today companies may use much more means to contact and interact with their colleagues, partners and clients than ever before.

Opportunities of business communication are beyond the scope of ordinary data and voice transmission services. Company employees use several communication channels. Voice services, e-mail integration, mobility and presence control, and ability of cooperation with partners through interactive communication (chat) and joint work have become an urgent need for any environment.

Today it is crucial to have an access to corporate information – documents, contacts, objectives, information about location of every employee and his/her schedule, negotiation status with every client, etc.

It is important to receive this all information at any time on devices used by employees for the purpose of work regardless of their location.


  • High security of remote work with corporate data bases, file resources, Internet access through a dedicated VPN-tunnel due to data transfer package encryption.
  • Easy connection and use – using almost any mobile device: laptop, tablet computer, smartphone.
  • Data and voice transfer.
  • Full access to resources used by your employees.
  • Guaranteed protection of your corporate network: provider’s equipment will not have an access to corporate network, it will only retransmit client’s requests in a protected mode and, if necessary, reflect client’s content in a web-format.
  • Increase of performance of your employees who may be available outside the office through the currently most efficient means: e-mail or text message, telephone or video conference.
  • Saving your resources at the expense of more productive use thereof.

Advantages of service ON OFFICE:


ON-OFFICE will increase performance, improve communication and interaction without any additional IT costs at the site.

Mobility and Accessibility

User will have a constant protected remote access to corporate network resources through a laptop, pocket PC, mobile telephone and other devices to deal with necessary corporate information in real-time from any place via Internet or mobile network of the nearest service provider. That is, staying outside the office, you and your employees will have the same opportunities as if you are at your workplace – access to e-mail, use of data bases and information systems, synchronization of address directory, personal data and calendar.

Therefore, you are virtually present at the workplace, you always aware of the current situation in the company, can take on-line decisions, schedule further work, i.e. fully participate in business processes regardless of your location.

You can see your colleagues’ presence and business status, and use the most efficient means of communication depending on the status – instantaneous text message, voice or video call from one computer to another.

Use of applications with easy and clear user interface is a passport to convenience of work.

Using the new service ON-OFFICE you can efficiently use jobs and time of your employees, cut costs incurred by your company. You and your employees can take on-line decisions at any place and time.


Another crucial aspect is transition of all corporate information of your company through a protected connection with a possibility of a full control over data transfer.

Connection to ON-OFFICE service

To connect to ON-OFFICE service you have to call to call-center in your city or 8 800 099 00 99 (toll free from city telephone numbers)

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