Under the conditions of actively developing telecommunication market, the only way to hold a firm position on the market is a constant professional developing of its employees. Constant training is a part of work and a prerequisite for professional development. Training of all employees at every level is a key aspect of personnel development in whole and it leads to increase of competitive position of the Company. Our Company does the best in terms of efforts and funds to promote professional development of our staff because we clearly realize that staff training costs represent a long term investment to human resources.

Basic personnel training goals:

1.Maintenance of a high professional qualification of personnel subject to Company’s development strategies on a long term basis.
2.Increase of Company’s communication service competitive advantage by sharing knowledge and experience on application of present-day trends on labour, technologies and production management.
3.Preparation of personnel to fulfillment of new production tasks, lead work;
4.Increase of personnel professional culture;
5.Preparation of candidates pool;
6.Increase of professional rating of Company’s employees on the labour market.

Our Company provides the following types of training:
  • integrated training – for new employees;
  • professional training – for professional fulfillment of duties;
  • communication training;

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