KazTransCom is actively involving into new activities thus giving each employee an opportunity to apply his/her professional qualities and have promotion.
The Company has a fair and open policy in respect of its employees, which is followed at every stage of work:
  • at recruitment;
  • at enrolment to the staff;
  • at promotion;
  • at dismiss;
  • at training;
  • at payment of bonuses and compensations and use of other moral and material benefits.
The Company gives every of its employee an opportunity for professional and career growth. Career growth in our Company depends on, above all, on the following qualities:
  • professionalism;
  • abilities;
  • eager to training and professional improvement;
  • activity and initiation;
  • result-oriented;
  • operation and accuracy;
  • ability to work in a team and individually;
  • incentive of development and professional development of employees.
The Company cares of well-being and social security of its employees and their families, realizes social programs, and supports veterans, retired people, disabled workers and families of works injured at work.

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