5 March 2012
JSC «KazTransCom» announces new service - Co-location.
The service «Co-location» suggests renting space in the rack data center for the physical location of clients own servers, routers or switches.

There are various options for equipment such as Units and the entire rack. The new service provides high physical and virtual protection equipment, eliminate downtime and ensure high availability of Internet resources. Built on the latest technologies, data center «KazTransCom» is equipped with modern video surveillance systems, electricity, air conditioning and fire suppression.

With the launch of new service customers can use the services of placement of equipment and any server applications on the KazTransCom’s high-tech ground. In addition to placing a physical server can also access the Internet, getting a static IP-addresses, registration and support of domain names. Using the services of a data center JSC «KazTransCom», you can reduce the costs to build and operate their own IT-infrastructure, as well as to avoid downtime in case of relocation.

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